The Love Co-Mission is an idea about how life is intended to play out. Many of us are at odds with each other. A minority are attempting to oppress the majority. Most of us have little awareness or care for the suffering of others. Our world views are too narrow to care about the damage we’re doing to our own lands. The art of self-discipline is neglected and attachment to ignorant ideas and temporary satisfactions are rampant. But regardless of our knowledge of the facts, or lack thereof, the facts still remain that we are all one family and all of our lives are interconnected. We compete over different religious ideas when in fact all of them are but a different and unique starting point. None of them are the end. We compete for money that has no actual value and was only ever intended to be used as a tool for subjugation. And yet there is so much of it in circulation that competition for it is silly. Have as much of it as you like. Use it to help others acquire what they like of it. Attach yourself to each other. Attach yourself to the End. Love made you. All of you. Love each other. Love your homes and your lands. Respect your self and your health and that of others. Work together. There is room for fair competition everywhere. Don’t be afraid of it. Let it make you a better person. Love your challenges. You have created all of them for yourself. – You create challenges for yourself whether you live right or you live wrong. You create your own suffering when you live wrong. You create new tests by passing the old tests when you live right. You create your own paradise when you learn to live in harmony with the resistance of this existence and the rest of humanity that exists with you in this Love created Co-Mission.


A state of peace and harmony can also be called a state of order. Peace and harmony are immiscible with chaos. They can exist at the same time but they cannot mix with each other. Peace and harmony flourish in order, and chaos must be left behind to establish a society where peace and harmony dominate. Ignorance resists order. Intelligence embraces it. If we would have the will to create a society built on order, we could not also have the will to oppress others and suppress knowledge in an attempt to control people. Control will not create order. It is an expression of ignorance to attempt to control that which was created out of, and for the attainment of, absolute freedom. Control is counter productive and always doomed to fail. Growth occurs in an ordered fashion and order comes naturally out of growth. Remove the ignorance of the people and peace and harmony and order will remain. Peace and harmony and order are not goals. They are the natural byproducts of the attainment of Truth.