The Love Co-Mission

A private foundation, launching in 2016-17, that will work to alleviate poverty and strengthen communities by directly supporting promising individuals and ideas.

Love | 'Consistent action displaying loyalty in the giving of one's self to benefit the life of another.'

We are proponents for Social Entrepreneurship as a primary pathway to overcome poverty, deliver freedom and create a more sustainable world.

It takes a special resourcefulness and determination, together with wisdom, talent, life experience, and perspectives that are infused with humility and the desire to accomplish the greater good, to create a character that can move society in a positive direction. We believe that people that have this potential are all around us. The Love Co-Mission is determined to find them and work with them.

The Love Co-Mission will work to promote better societies by discovering and investing in change-makers. The Love Co-Mission's primary focus is to seek out and support promising individuals, from challenging backgrounds, who have the ideas, heart and determination to reshape their world.

The Love Co-Mission Fellowship Program will serve to grow characters first as well as sustainable businesses, and it will be funded solely by enterprises created by its Founders.