The Love Co-Mission

A private foundation, launching in 2016, that will work to alleviate poverty and strengthen communities by directly supporting promising individuals and ideas.

Overcoming poverty, whether in a community as a whole or in life as an individual, hinges on a number of things coming together. It is first up to those of us making the climb to dig deep, in order to discover and make-use of our own potential. Education, opportunity, leadership and the necessary resources must then be in place to enable us to make the best use of our potential.

The Love Co-Mission is being created to invest in change-makers in the hopes that those investments will lead to greater freedom for many others who might be positively affected by their work. The Love Co-Mission's primary focus is to seek out and support promising individuals, from challenging backgrounds, who have the ideas, heart and determination to reshape their world and create opportunity for others in their community.

The Love Co-Mission will be funded solely by enterprises created by its Founders.